Obstacles for At-Home Care: Frank De-Levi Explains How Agencies Can Help

Frank De-Levi
3 min readDec 8, 2020


At-home care seems to have it all: affordability, safety, security, and comfort. Unsurprisingly, there is a growing demand for home care services. However, multiple obstacles need to be overcome by family and caregivers alike to provide the best quality care for your loved one.

Frank De-Levi, who runs a medical home health agency, HomeAssists Home Health Services, understands the challenges that families face when searching for reliable at-home care. Covering everything from patient preference to communication and risks, Frank De-Levi is outlining everything you need to consider before choosing at-home care for your loved one.

Frank De-Levi explains that what your loved one wants is of the utmost importance. While Frank De-Levi’s patients show an overwhelming preference for at-home treatment, some patients prefer a clinical setting. A study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that 54% of surveyed participants preferred treatment for acute illness in the hospital rather than home. He stresses the importance of having this conversation with your loved one before making any decisions about their care. While the benefits of comfort, independence, and affordability are appealing to most, not every patient feels the same way about home care.

Establish Open Communication

Communication is vital when adhering to your loved one’s plan of care. Unless communication is maintained between health care providers, at-home care may not be the best option for your loved one. When several practitioners and caregivers deal with the same client, it’s crucial that all members of the circle remain up to date on relevant symptoms, medications, and treatment methods.

Frank De-Levi explains that at HomeAssist, every member of a health care team is interacting with each other to ensure that patient care is of the utmost importance. Frank De-Levi explains that this is one of the primary benefits of working with an agency; they take the guesswork out of home care.

Mitigate Risks Before Selecting At-Home Care

While preference is a primary consideration when deciding between at-home and clinical care, Frank De-Levi explains that there can be risks associated with home care. From environmental hazards to physical limitations, it’s important to consider the suitability of a home-based solution for your loved one. It’s also vital to rigorously assess and mitigate any concerns or risks before committing to home care. When you work with an agency like HomeAssist, they consider every aspect of care including medical equipment and supplies, the development of communication tools, and the education of patients, families, and caregivers.

Ensure Top-Quality Care

Lastly, Frank De-Levi explains that there is a lack of regulatory measures governing home-based care. There are no national or state requirements for the quality of home-based care, so you need to ensure you are putting your loved one in safe hands. At HomeAssist, both Frank De-Levi and his wife Kristina De-Levi are independent business professionals licensed with the California Department of Public Health with various accreditations. Working with doctors and hospitals, HomeAssist only with the best clinicians in California. Having experienced home care first-hand with both of their grandparents, Frank and Kristina De-Levi are adamant about providing the highest quality of care for their clients.



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